Welcome to akemis, where beauty and sustainability are one. Our name, akemis (akemi), means 'beauty', and it takes us back to the inspiring roots of Japan. We have been inspired by the Japanese way of life and decided to include a special line of products from Japan in our assortment, while all our other products are made in Europe.Our assortment is characterised by the harmonious fusion of French chic, Nordic simplicity and Japanese way of life, which is unique in Switzerland. At akemis, we present a carefully selected range of products in Living, Beauty and Fashion, suitable for people of all ages. Discover the enchanting beauty that comes from the combination of Japan and Europe, brought to life with us.


In Switzerland, being a design and fashion enthusiast is not always easy. It takes a lot of attempts to find the right home accessory or the perfectly fitting white T-shirt in different stores. Most people are satisfied with a “I was looking for something along those lines” or prefer design over sustainability. What if both go in one?

This is exactly where akemis comes into play.

With akemis, we offer a platform for high-quality items that impress with their design and at the same time have been produced sustainably in Switzerland or Europe. With akemis we are fighting the fast-moving industry and convincing consumers that we are much happier with less, but just the right thing!


  • akemis ships completely climate-neutral; the shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled waste paper and all shipping bags are 100% compostable!

  • akemis produces for individual entrepreneurs and prefers all local manufacturers

  • Our suppliers are not just any suppliers. At akemis, we select them with great care and value the collaboration enormously. There is a great mutual respect and we always strive for excellence on both sides. We are sincerely proud of our brands.